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Insurance Backed Guarantees

What is an Insurance Backed Guarantee?

An Insurance Backed Guarantee or 'IBG' is an Insurance Policy that will honour the terms of the original contractors warranty for both Workmanship and Products should they cease trading. Most commonly the guarantee is for a period of 10 years.

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How Does An IBG Work?

The customer will receive the Contractors Warranty and our Insurance Policy. This gives the customers complete peace of mind that in this event of the workmanship or products they have installed becoming defective then the Insurance Company will honour any claim covered by the original guarantee should the Contractor not be able to.

Can I Get a Retrospective IBG?

The answer to this is Yes, we can issue them retrospectively and are often asked to do this when someone is selling their home and the works they had done require one for the new home owner and their mortgage company. We can even find a solution if the builder has already ceased trading.

Your word is your bond.

Many Contractors will provide written guarantees on their work, this in itself is commendable however what would happen to their customers, should a business have to cease trading? In these ever-changing times and economic climate, there is such always uncertainty, so, backing up their own written guarantee with an Insurance Backed Guarantee further enhances their credibility.

Can i get an Insurance Backed Guarantee?

Yes! We are able to provide IBG's for all companies new and old including sole traders, our expert staff will guide you through or quick and simple process making the application easy and hassle free.

My Structural Warranty provider requires an IBG

Almost all Structural Warranty providers exclude flat roofs and tanking from their cover and you will be required to provide an Insurance Backed Guarantee for flat roofing and basement tanking to fulfil the quote obligations. We work with most warranty providers to offer cover in these areas and our policies are sufficient to bridge this gap.

Increase your reputation

As well as providing peace of mind to your customers an Insurance Backed Guarantee demonstrates your confidence in the quality of workmanship and materials provided differentiating you from your competitors.

Set yourself apart from other contractors by providing an Insurance Backed Guarantee to cover your works, from general Home Improvements to Flat Roofs . An Insurance Backed Guarantee will cover your customer to help them make a claim on the warranty you supplied, in the event that you cease to trade.

Our exclusive scheme will enable Contractors to provide up to a 10-year Insurance Backed Guarantee to their customers, should any faults arise.

An IBG Does Exactly What It Says!

An Insurance Backed Guarantee does exactly what it says, it Backs Up a Guarantee that is already in force. It really is that simple, a contractor issues a Guarantee for his Workmanship and Products and we will back that Guarantee up with an Insurance Policy ensuring the customer has someone to call to rectify any issues if the Contractor is no longer trading.

Do We Charge Membership Fees?

NO, we do not believe in membership fees. We can issue our Insurance Basked Guarantees on a single project or for every job, you decide how often you want to use us.

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Insurance Backed Guarantee For Roofing

As a specialist provider of IBG's we can cater for all roof types, Flat, Pitched, GRP, EPDR, Steel, RBM's, Ashphalt or Single Ply. Call now to enquire about our Insurance Backed Guarantees for Roofing work.

Types of Insurance Backed Guarantees we are Frequently Asked To Provide Cover For Include:

  • Roofing Insurance Backed Guarantee

  • Basement Tanking insurance backed guarantee

  • Piling insurance backed guarantee

  • Residential Refurbishment insurance backed guarantee

  • Commercial Refurbishment insurance backed guarantee

  • Loft conversions insurance backed guarantee

  • Solar panels insurance backed guarantee

  • Damp Proofing insurance backed guarantee

  • Insurance Backed guarantee for roofing works

  • Commercial Glazing insurance backed guarantee

  • Structural glazing insurance backed guarantee

  • Waterproofing insurance backed guarantee

  • cladding insurance backed guarantee

This list is not exhaustive and we can issue an Insurance Backed Guarantee on almost any type of work so please contact us if you have an enquiry.

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