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Section Bonds

Most common section bonds,

  • Section 38 Agreement Bond (Highways Act 1980)

  • Section 278 Agreement Bond (Highways Act 1980)

  • Section 220 (APC) Agreement Bond (Highways Act 1980)

  • Section 98 Agreement Bond (Water Industry Act 1991)

  • Section 104 Agreement Bond (Water Industry Act 1991)

  • Section 185 Agreement Bond (Water Industry Act 1991)

  • Scottish Road Agreement Bond (Security for Private Road Works Regulations 1985)

What is a Section Bond?

It is a guarantee, on behalf of a property developer or house builder, to complete the roads and sewers for handover to the appropriate local authority, in line with the relevant Highways or Water Industry Acts referred to as Section 38 Road, Section 98 Water, Section 185 Water, Section 104 Sewer, Section 278 agreements and Section 278 APC (Advanced Payment Code) Bonds.

We are able to source highly competitive quotations from multiple providers ensuring our clients receive the best possible terms. We have the widest market access ensuring we offer the best possible solution to your needs.

The placement of bonds and guarantees through the surety market, as alternatives to bank guarantees, can help companies by keeping bank facilities available to meet cash flow requirements.

Bonds and guarantees are written promises to pay for direct loss or damage suffered by a third party as a result of a breach of contract. Many types of bond or guarantee are available for almost any area of risk, subject to underlying security and the risk being acceptable to the guarantor.

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Other Bonds Commonly Requested Include:

Performance Bond

The most common Bond we are asked to place are Performance Bonds, a Performance Bond provides the employer with between 5% and 20% (most commonly 10%) of a contract value in the event of a contractor or supplier failing to perform to the agreed terms. Any company can use Performance Bonds, but are more common in the construction or service industry sectors.

We are able to quote any size of performance bonds with the most competitive terms often without the need for any cash collateral. We can provide Bonds on either standard ABI wording or can have the employers wording agreed if required.

Advanced / Stage Payment Bond

Advance or stage payment bonds provide security for customers by protecting payments in advance of the goods or services being delivered. Designed for all companies of any trading status, particularly those in the construction sector.

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