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Performance Bonds

bonds from the UK's Leading specialists.

Why use Surety Bonds & Guarantees?

As a leading provider of Performance Bonds in the UK, we are able to Bond any size contract and consider any type of wording.

We pride ourselves on our ability to offer:

  • Competitive Premiums
  • Fast and Simple Process
  • Access to the most Providers 
  • All Wordings Covered (ABI, On-demand, Adjudication or hybrid)
  • Exclusive Markets unavailable to other brokers
  • specialist knowledge of the surety market

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How can SB&G help?

We can help any contractor obtain the Performance Bond they need!

The placement of Performance Bonds through the use of surety markets (Insurance Companies), as alternatives to bank guarantees, can help companies by keeping bank facilities available to meet cash flow requirements while meeting their contract obligations. We provide bonds for Main Contractors and Sub Contractor Bonds and our team can even provide an indication of costs based upon your requirements using our Performance Bond Calculator.

what is a performance bond?

Performance Bonds are written promises to pay for direct loss or damage suffered by a third party as a result of a breach of contract. There are many varients to the standard ABI Performance Bond and we can support on any type of wording required including On Demand, Adjudication Wordings and any Hybrid Wording for both JCT and NEC Contract requirements.

Performance Bonds can be arranged on an individual basis (contract by contract)  or if bonds need to be placed regularly we can also offer an annual facility too.

More informatin on what a Performance Bond is and how they work can be viewed using the link below.

what is a Performance Bond

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in addition we can offer a range of other supporting covers often required as part of a contract:

JCT Contract Specific Insurance

SB&G are able to offer tailored quotations for JCT or NEC insurance clauses or equivalent. Both JCT and NEC insurance requirements stipulated in building contracts can be insured on a standalone basis or as an extension of your liability insurance and can either be on an annual or single contract basis.

Advanced / Stage Payment Bond

Advance or stage payment bonds provide security for customers by protecting payments in advance of the goods or services being delivered. Designed for all companies of any trading status, particularly those in the construction sector.

Legal Indemnities 

SB&G are able to provide a vast array of different legal indemnity products, ranging from simple straightforward residential risks to highly complex commercial and development issues.

Our legal indemnities are sourced from various leading providers to ensure our clients benefit from the most extensive cover available, whilst offering our clients the most competitive premiums.

Road and Sewer Bonds

A guarantee, on behalf of a property developer or house builder, to complete the roads and sewers for handover to the appropriate local authority, in line with the relevant Highways or Water Industry Acts. Designed for the Construction industry.

Latent Defects / Structural Warranties

Latent Defect Insurance sometimes referred to as Structural Warranties, covers faulty design, faulty workmanship, defects or material problems and unlike many other policies it doesn’t require proof of fault, just proof of a defect.

With access to an extensive panel of insurers, we can source cover for your requirements at competitively priced premiums. When it comes to the provision of Latent Defect Insurance, you are in the right hands.

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