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Performance Bonds for the UK Construction Sector: What You Need to Know

  Performance bonds are a type of surety bond commonly used in the construction industry to ensure that a contractor... Read further

Surety Bond security provisions explained.

When asking a Surety provider to issue you a Bond you are effectively asking them to stand as your Guarantor. In doing... Read further

Performance Bonds: It's Not A Done Deal Until It's A Done Deal

  If you've ever wondered what a performance bond is, you're not alone. A lot of people have never heard the term... Read further

Resisting Bond Calls In The English Courts

Do Recent Developments Provide Hope For Contractors? In an article that first appeared in Financier Worldwide... Read further

Banks can provide Surety Bonds but is it best to use them?

Surety Bonds can be sourced from your Bank but is it wise to use them, a bank is deemed a suitable Guarantor by many... Read further