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Architects Certificate

A Professional Consultants Certificate (PCC) also known as an Architects Certificate can be issued by a Chartered Architect or Surveyor on a 'new build' or renovated building that will guarantee the Structural Integrity of the property usually for a period of 6 years. A Professional Consultants Certificate is a cost effective way to replace a new home warranty.

What cover is provided by an Architects Certificate?

The issuing professional undertakes that the property has been built to a good standard, in accordance with the original plans and fully complies with building regulations. The Professional Consultants Certificate is backed by their Professional Indemnity Insurance however, unlike a Latent Defect Insurance, the certificate is typically only issued for 6 years.

Is an Architects Certificate / Professional Consultants Certificate the same as a Structural Warranty Policy?

No, they are different, while the overriding cover is similar a PCC / Architect Certificate and a Structural Warranty or Latent Defects Insurance policy do differ in the cover they provide. Both are however used to provide cover for Structural Integrity and both are used and accepted for the purpose of raising finance.

Are PCC's accepted by mortgage lenders?

Yes, the majority of lenders on the Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) do accept a Professional Consultants Certificate for the purpose of lending. Over 85% of the Banks and Building Societies and 100% of the top ten lenders who control 80% of UK mortgages accept an Architects Certificate or Professional Consultants Certificate. We would always advise you to check first with your particular finance provider prior to purchase. The Professional Consultants Certificate is often the minimum requirement requested by a mortgage lender. 

Can The Certificate be Issued Retrospectively 

Yes, we can issue an Architects Certificate / PCC retrospectively often this can be far more cost effective than a Structural Warranty Insurance.

How Can We Help

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