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ABI or On-Demand Performance Bonds? What is the difference.

Performance Bond Overview Performance bonds are an important part of many construction contracts. They are designed... Read further

Is it Time for Employers to Revise Their Approved Surety List?

  In the world of construction and project management, surety bonds play a critical role in ensuring that projects... Read further

Suretyship is not Insurance, Here's why.

Many people assume a Surety Bond is a type of Insurance as they can be offered by Insurance Companies. Suretyship is... Read further

JCT or NEC Contract, what is the difference?

JCT or NEC Contract, what is the difference? When embarking on a construction project, one of the most important... Read further

Advance Payment Bonds for the Construction Sector

What is an Advance Payment Bond? Advance Payment Bonds (APBs) are a type of surety bond that is commonly used in the... Read further