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Banks can provide Surety Bonds but is it best to use them?

Surety Bonds can be sourced from your Bank but is it wise to use them, a bank is deemed a suitable Guarantor by many... Read further

Risks of not having a Performance Bond

What are the risks of not having a Performance Bond In the event a contractor went into insolvency and there was no... Read further

Was the Colosseum Bonded?

Did the Romans really use Bonds? As strange as this may seem the Roman Empire developed laws of Surety around 150 AD... Read further

Main Contractors, Why You Should Request a Sub-Contractor Bond?

  Main Contractors (Tier 1) are often awarded large and prestigious projects and as part of the JCT or NEC contract... Read further

Will the Surety Market tighten in 2021?

This question has been asked throughout the pandemic and one that has generated similar responses from many... Read further